CREG Resolution 080 of 2019

Declaration of compliance with rules of behavior

Resolution 080 of 2019 of the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission establishes general rules of market behavior, for all agents that carry out the activities of home public services of electricity and fuel gas, in compliance with this Gases del Caribe makes the following statement public:

Declaration of compliance with rules of behavior

Rights and Duties of the User (Regulated and Non-Regulated)

The rights of users of the fuel gas public service are established in article 9 of Law 142 of 1994.

El Contrato de Condiciones Uniformes de Gases del Caribe S.A., Empresa de Servicios Públicos, específica en su artículo 26 los derechos de los usuarios y los medios puestos a disposición para garantizarlos efectivamente.

CREG Resolution 108 of 1997 establishes the general criteria on the protection of the rights of users of residential public services of electrical energy and fuel gas by physical network, in relation to billing, marketing and other matters related to the relationship between the company and the user. This standard can be consulted at the following link:

In accordance with the Uniform Conditions Contract of Gases del Caribe S.A. Public Services Company, Law 142 of 1994, its regulations and the regulation of the CREG, the rights and obligations of the user are the following:

Other Rights and
Obligations of the Users
(Regulados y No Regulados)

and Services

General rules
of behavior

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