About us?


We are a company dedicated to the distribution and marketing of natural gas and to promoting its use as a clean and efficient source of energy, to contribute, through the provision of excellent service, to raising the quality of life in the populations served.

We have a competent human team committed to the organization and the community we serve; with a technological and network infrastructure adjusted to the development and needs of our users, and also with the necessary patrimonial support to achieve our objectives, which contemplate the use of socially responsible strategies.

We provide profitability to our shareholders, protection of the environment and
welfare to our workers and the community.


Become the leading company in the distribution and marketing of natural gas, always ready to provide excellent service and promote new alternatives for its use.

We will continue working to reach all the populations in our area of
influence guided by a policy of social responsibility.

We will take advantage of our experience, knowledge, image and reputation to create new business units that revolve around the sector, in addition to investing in companies related to the natural gas distribution and marketing activity that generate benefits for our shareholders and interest groups.

Corporate values


Ability to value and accept
others despite the differences,
interacting in an environment
cordiality; via
behaviors of courtesy and kindness.


Have a clear conscience, before me and before
the others of what is good and is
appropriate in our role, conduct and
relations, without contradictions or
discrepancies between thinking,
words and actions


Feel and act at all times
consistently with the values, the
morals, good customs and
best professional practices,
respecting the policies


Feel the objectives of the company as their own
organization. Support decisions, prevent
and overcome obstacles, meet the
commitments made willingly
service and positive attitude
fulfillment of their responsibilities


Values ​​Work performance with quality, care, dedication and opportunity, applying the knowledge acquired in the best way to carry out our work with discipline, mysticism and quality.corporativos

Customer service

It implies a desire to help and serve others.
customers, to understand and satisfy their
needs, to strive to solve
their problems as well as everyone's
those who cooperate in the relationship
company – client.

Management policies

Our quality policy is to distribute and market natural gas safely and reliably, committing ourselves to continually improve our processes and services, to satisfy the needs of customers, in aspects associated with our operation, with a competent human team.

In this way, we efficiently provide welfare to the community and our workers, profitability to our shareholders and protection of the environment, complying with legal, regulatory, technical and contractual requirements.

Security policy,
occupational health and environment

Gases del Caribe S.A., Public Service Company, distributes and commercializes natural gas under maximum safety conditions, in such a way that it does not affect the health and safety of our workers, contractors, users and interested community, at the same time as provides protection to the environment.

To fulfill this purpose, the Company:

Identifies, limits and controls any risk that may affect health, safety and the environment.

It maintains programs that guarantee compliance and knowledge of all national laws and regulations, as well as international standards, in occupational health and safety that apply to its management, its products and operations.

It develops communication mechanisms with its employees, contractors, users and interested parties for a greater guarantee of safety, preservation of health and the environment.

Continuously improves the performance of the activities carried out in industrial safety, occupational health and the environment.

The Administration of Gases del Caribe S.A., PUBLIC SERVICES COMPANY, requires that each of our employees and contractors faithfully comply with this policy, making it valid in all their actions inside and outside the Company, consider it part of their values ​​and that they notify their superiors of any potentially adverse situation that may arise.

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